Welcome to Katherine Hill Handmade!

a hand sewing a fabric collage of a sheep

I make things out of fabric – recycled fabric to be precise.

Old curtains, bedlinen, clothes – they’re all put to good use here! I track them down, deconstruct them and turn them into something new. True vintage fabric is my favourite, but I will work with anything secondhand as long as the colour, pattern and texture is right. I hate waste and love turning old things into something new! My products include cushion covers, wall hangings, pictures, bags, brooches and hot water bottle covers… as well as pincushions (made in upcycled eggcups). I also sell cards, prints and notebooks made using images of my textile work.

All designs are my own – mostly animal-based – I like to think they look kind and characterful, without being overly cute or twee!

If you want to find out more about Katherine Hill (that’s me!) and my little business – Katherine Hill Handmade – please click here. Alternatively use the menus to find your way around my site.

Happy browsing!

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