Eggcup pin cushions

I thought it might be useful to write a little bit about my upcycled eggcup pin cushions. After all, there are lots of different sorts of eggcup pin cushions available. What makes mine different and/or special?


My eggcup pin cushions are made to my own design, using five individual segments of fabric. (For larger sugar bowl and tea cup pin cushions this goes up to seven!) The advantage of using segments over a single piece of fabric is that each cushion actually fits the eggcup at the rim, so you don’t get any awkward-looking gathers. It also means I can use five different fabrics in each cushion, which in turn means five different patterns and any number of beautifully co-ordinated colours. Some people use these different segments to keep track of different sorts of pins and/or needles.

Eggcup choice

I have a weakness for Hornsea Pottery, and use vintage Hornsea Pottery eggcups frequently. Alongside these, eggcups with a mid-century look and feel often catch my eye, as well as geometric studio pottery items, and delicate hand-painted designs from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. I also love animal-shaped eggcups – the sort that evoke childhood breakfasts of dippy eggs with “soldiers”.

Removable cushions

And finally… did you know that in almost all cases, you can remove my pincushions from their eggcups. I hate the idea of using glue on vintage china, so my cushions are completely self contained, and can almost always be removed from the eggcup by pulling on the central button. (It’s not just for decoration!) Where this isn’t possible (usually on eggcups that are particularly shallow and with sloping sides), I may use a very small amount of glue, but this will always be mentioned in the product description. At time of writing I have recycled well over 400 vintage eggcups and have only had to use glue on 5 of them!

Three pin cushions removed from any container

Interested in seeing what I have in stock currently? Take a look here

Multiple pincushions viewed from above