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Fabric collage showing ladybirds walking around a globe

Katherine Hill Handmade – A new chapter

Creating my own website??

Well, I did work in IT… for 17 years, actually – but that was over 15 years ago and things move on very, very quickly. So setting this up has been quite new.

There’s been a lot to learn. And a myriad of tiny decisions to make. I’ve felt quite out of my depth at times… Curiously (or not), the technical side was not the most difficult bit – no, the tricky bit was deciding what goes where, and how to align, order and colour things in a way that is both coherent and beautiful. Website design is a very long way from textile art. I thought there might be overlaps, but now I’m not so sure.

But I muddled through, and I got there in the end. Or at least, I got somewhere… I hope you’ll think I’ve done a good job.

Fabric collage showing Alice in Wonderland with a ladybird on her shoulder